Impact Testing Machines

Where impact testing is required?

Impact testing is standard process in materials and components testing. These machines are used in various industries like foundries, forge shops, rubber, plastic and similar other industries where Impact strength of the material is to be tested.

We offer Impact Testing Machines for conducting IZOD and CHARPY Tests as per various Indian/International standards such as IS-3766, BSEN-ISO-148, ASTM-E23, BS 131 etc. in India with its sales and calibration services across Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar and Gujrat.
FIE Advanced Impact Testing Machine


Model - Auto Impact - 30

  • This is fully automatic Impact Testing Machine from loading of the sample to the test result.
  • It is designed for conducting Izod, Charpy Test.
  • Pendulum has two starting position, upper one for Charpy and lower one for Izod.

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Model - IT 30, IT 30(D), IT 30(ASTM)

  • Large rectangular dial with inner scale for Izod and outer scale for charpy test, in Joules.
  • The pendulum is supported separately in two positions by a common latching tube.
  • Front guard provided for safety of operator.

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FIE Impact Testing Machine

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